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Sea-buckthorn – Superfruit Health benefits and Nutrition facts

Sea Buckthorn is an extremely nutritious superfruit. 90% of this fruit is cultivated in China and within the Ladakh region of India. There are six different varieties of Sea Buckthorn, nonetheless all of them are extremely nutritious. Although the health advantages and medicinal worth are proved, it is still termed as folk medicine by many.

Sea-buckthorn berries are edible and nutritious, however they are very acidic (astringent) and oily, and not tasty to eat, so it must be added along with some other juices or dessert.

Nutrient and phytochemical constituents of sea-buckthorn berries have potential value to have an effect on inflammatory disorders, cancer or different diseases.

The fruit of the plant has a excessive vitamin C content in a range of 114 to 1550 mg per one hundred grams with a mean content (695 mg per one hundred grams) about 15 instances greater than oranges (forty five mg per one hundred grams)- making sea buckthorn as one of the richest sources of vitamin C. The fruit additionally accommodates dense contents of carotenoids, vitamin E, amino acids, dietary minerals, β-sitosterol and polyphenolic acids.

Natural Weight Loss Tips

Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

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What Foods Hold The Most Weight Loss Protection?

Obesity is one of the number one health concerns in today’s society. The US Centers for Disease Control estimates that over 60 million Americans, or 30% of the adult population, are obese. The term obese refers to people who weigh over 30 pounds more than their ideal weight, or who have a Body Mass Index of 30 or more.

One of the national health objectives in the US is to reduce the incidence of obesity to less than 15% of the adult population by 2010; however, current statistics indicate that the problem is still on the rise. In addition, the percentage of young people in America who are overweight has more than tripled since 1980.

Over 9 million children and teens between the ages of 6 and 19 are considered overweight. This equates to 16 % of the population.

There’s no question that losing weight is not easy. And, it’s also clear that we’ve changed our lifestyles in ways that are making it easier for us to become obese. Some of the biggest culprits in the battle of the bulge are the following.

• Busy Schedules – The average family has a much more demanding schedule than in years past. Because of this, mealtimes often go by the wayside, and we choose lots of fast food. Our stress levels may also lead to emotional eating, where we have no concept of how many calories we’ve consumed. These factors combined have made our diets poor and our concept of a normal meal skewed.

• Sedentary Lifestyles – Today many people spend lots of time sitting down between our desk jobs and our love of watching television and playing computer and video games. For many of us, regular exercise is simply no longer a part of our daily life.

• Large food portions – Most restaurant portions are 2-3 times the size that makes up a reasonable meal. From this we’ve gained a distorted image of the size portions we should be eating, and we’re consuming far too many calories in a day.

• Poor nutrition – Processed foods are a staple in the American diet. In addition, we eat lots of red meat and products made with white flour. These overly processed and high fat foods make it easy to gain weight. They also lead to heart disease and high cholesterol.

So, what do we do to overcome our weight problems? Well, as with many things, there are no magic bullets. To lose weight, we have to expend more calories than we consume. It’s just that simple.

Natural Weight Loss Tips

Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

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Vitamins And Supplements: Natural Food Stores In The Brick And M

While more and more traditional grocery markets are now featuring different types of vitamins and nutritional supplement products on their shelves, in the brick and mortar world natural food stores are perhaps the best resources for a wide selection of these types of products in this day and age. In many communities in different parts of the world, natural food stores are becoming more prominent features.

There are a number of definite benefits to making the purchase of vitamins and nutritional supplements at natural food stores located in the brick and mortar world. Perhaps the most significant benefit to be had from making purchases of these types of products at these stores is found in the fact that natural food stores maintain a wide selection of vitamins and nutritional supplements.

In addition to a wide selection of different types of products, these natural food stores in the brick and mortar world generally stock the newest types of products available to consumers interested in bettering their lives through the use of vitamins and related nutritional supplements.

Natural Weight Loss Tips

Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

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The Importance of Low Cholesterol Food

Increasingly larger numbers of people suffer from heart disease as a consequence of high blood cholesterol levels. There are many factors that enable the accumulation of cholesterol inside the organism, but the major cause is considered to be unhealthy diet. Unhealthy diet and bad eating habits can considerably increase blood cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is produced by the liver and it is required inside the body for fulfilling several roles: cellular protection, hormonal synthesis (testosterone and estrogen), vitamin synthesis and fat digestion. The organism needs very small quantities of cholesterol to sustain its normal activity and inappropriate diet can quickly enable cholesterol to accumulate in excess. The problem with cholesterol is that it can’t be dissolved by the body fluids and it is also difficult to eliminate. When in excess, cholesterol enters the bloodstream and deposits in different places inside the body. Cholesterol can form plaque inside arteries by adhering to the inner arterial walls, causing blockage. If cholesterol deposits inside the coronary arteries (heart arteries), there is a very high risk of heart disease.

A healthy diet and appropriate exercise are vital in reducing blood cholesterol levels. It is very important to eat properly, as high cholesterol food can quickly increase blood cholesterol levels. You should consume only low cholesterol foods and products that contain unsaturated fat. Many foods contain high levels of cholesterol: meats, eggs, dairy products, sweets. Also, foods that are rich in saturated fat can also facilitate the accumulation of cholesterol inside the body: organ meats, pork, poultry.

Natural Weight Loss Tips

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Holiday Gourmet Food Gift Guide

It’s official, people of all ages love to receive gourmet foods as a gift. For any occasion, for birthdays, for anniversaries, for Christmas, for Mother’s Day, for Father’s Day, it doesn’t matter. Gourmet foods are one of the few gifts that you can count on to please the recipient. Everyone who receives a gourmet food gift basket or package feels special. Here is a guide to the most popular types of gourmet food gifts and what type of gift recipient they are perfect for:


Cheese is a great gift for the true “foodie”, or anyone who also enjoys wine. Gourmet cheeses are available from all over the world, but the very best specialty cheeses tend to come from France, Italy, England, Spain, Ireland and, of course, the United States. Whether you get someone a true cheddar from England or a wedge of genuine Brie from France, you are getting someone a very special gift that will surely be savored.

Gourmet Cheesecake

Cakes are nice, cheese is nice, but put these two things together and you have cheesecake! Cheesecake is a wonderful and special gift that’s especially nice to bring along to a party or dinner as a hostess gift. Many types of cheesecake are available, from decadently rich chocolate truffle cheesecake to cheesecakes swirled with candies, cookies, fruit and even biscotti.

Natural Weight Loss Tips

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